CERN and SEENET-MTP Network have signed The Cooperation Agreement

It is our pleasure to announce that The Framework Agreement for Scientific and Technical Collaboration between CERN and SEENET-MTP Network has reached its conclusion and was officially signed on 6th March 2017.

The Agreement was signed by Professor Gian Giudice, Head of Theoretical Physics Department, on behalf of CERN, and Professor Goran Đorđević, Executive Director of the Network and its Office at Nis, on behalf of the Network.

CERN and SEENET-MTP agreed to collaborate in domains of mutual interest, including in particular in training, capacity building and research in Theoretical High Energy Physics, Particle Physics, Computational Physics and Cosmology.

The Agreement represents a continuation and formalization of the long term cooperation in a new, official form. The Framework Agreement and the accompanying documents should specify and provide a sustainable cooperation materialized in the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program, launched in April 2015. Until now about 90 PhD students from 8 countries have already informally enrolled in the program.

The Program was envisioned as a series of intense, self-connected, one-week seminars intended for PhD and advanced MSc students. Each seminar consists of lectures given by professors-experts in the field, from CERN, European institutions and from SEENET-MTP countries. Appropriate exercises given by younger researchers complete the usual program of the topical seminars.

A total of three seminars were held so far, titled “Supergravity – Belgrade, 2015”, “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory – Bucharest, 2015” and “Computational Methods in Cosmology and General Relativity – Timisoara, 2016”. The previous seminars were held with a great success, with a total of 60 students from 8 countries taking part in them.

The Framework Agreement will enable a continuation of the PhD Training Program in 2017 and 2018, as well as a base for the next three-year cycle of the Training Program. The financial details of the Agreement and the Program are to be specified in the annexes to the Agreement.

The main partners in the Program will be full SEENET-MTP member nodes, other nodes and partner institutions, as well as individual members. Institutions and individuals from 11 SEENET-MTP countries and worldwide are also invited to join the Program.

A number of institutions and organizations across Europe are also invited to join and participate in the Agreement and the Program.

The SEENET-MTP Office welcomes students interested in participating in the Program who are not individual members of the SEENET-MTP yet to join us by filling the registration form for the Network and/or to express their wish to enroll in the Program by sending an e-mail to .