29 – 31 August 2023, Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia)

BWAM22: SEENET-MTP Assessment Meeting and Workshop on Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 2022
1 – 4 September 2022, Belgrade (Serbia)

BW2021: SEENET-MTP Workshop: Beyond the Standard Model(s)
7–10 September 2021, Belgrade (Serbia)

BSW2018: SEENET-MTP Balkan School and Workshop
3 – 14 June 2018, Niš (Serbia)

BS2018: High Energy and Particle Physics: Theory and Phenomenology

BW2018: Field Theories and Early Universe

BW2013: Beyond the Standard Models
25 – 29 April 2013, Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia)

BSI2011Balkan Summer Institute
19 August – 1 September 2011, Niš/Donji Milanovac (Serbia)

BSS2011: Trends in Modern Physics (Seminar for teachers)

BS2011 School: Cosmology and Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Models

JW2011: Scientific and Human Legacy of Julius Wess

BW2011: Particle Physics from TeV to Plank Scale

SSSCP2009Spring School on Strings, Cosmology and Particles
31 March – 4 April 2009, Belgrade/Niš (Serbia)

BW2007: III Southeastern European Workshop Challenges Beyond the Standard Model
2 – 9 September 2007, Kladovo (Serbia)

BW2005II Southeastern European Workshop Challenges Beyond the Standard Model
19 – 23 May 2005, Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia)

BW2003Mathematical, Theoretical and Phenomenological Challenges Beyond the Standard Model: Perspectives of Balkans Collaboration
29 August – 02 September, 2003, Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia)