On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of SEENET-MTP, the Scientific Advisory Committee congratulates all members of the network, individuals and institutions, on results and contribution to the training of students and young researchers in the areas of theoretical physics of high energies, mathematical physics and cosmology. 

The SEENET-MTP network through its 25 nodes and several hundred individual members has greatly contributed to the development of the scientific community in the Southeast European region with efficient mutual cooperation, between themselves and with the community of the rest of Europe and of the world. 

By organizing dozens of scientific events, thematic schools and workshops of a high scientific level over two decades,  a qualitative change was made in mutual interaction and internationalization of scientific life in the region. The exchange of students and researchers among Southeast European institutions has led to several hundreds of new joint publications, as well as to public outreach activities. 

We consider all these results very important and we continue to support and advise the Network and its leadership. We seek on several international and national agencies and organizations to increase their support for SEENET-MTP programs. Most of the above activities would not be possible without the support of ICTP, UNESCO and CERN, and we emphasize the increasing trend of cooperation with the European Physical Society and the Balkan Physical Union. 

Cooperation in science and science education are above politics, religion and ethnicity and twenty years of SEENET-MTP is an excellent example of what can be achieved. We are sure that the mobility and exchange program, scientific cooperation in research and training through, already, the 3rd cycle of the joint doctoral program CERN-SEENET-ICTP are the main directions for the next decade of the Network.

Our Committee will continue and strengthen its scientific and advisory role.

ICTP Trieste, October 26, 2023


Ignatios ANTONIADIS (Coordinator), Nikolay BOBEV, Atish DABHOLKAR, Emilian DUDAS, Monica GUICA, Kyriakos PAPADODIMAS, Fernando QUEVEDO, Ioannis RIZOS, Marko SIMONOVIC