Director for International Cooperation of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research – JINR Dubna visited SEENET-MTP Office and Centre

Dr. Dmitry Kamanin, Director for International Cooperation of the International and Intergovernmental Joint Institute for Nuclear Research – OINI based in Dubna, Moscow Region, Russian Federation, and Dr. Ljupčo Hadžievski, Coordinator of Cooperation OINI – Serbia, visited University of Niš, Faculty of Science and the SEENET-MTP Network Office on October 19th, 2021.

During the visit of the Office of the SEENET-MTP Network, and the Office of the President of the Balkan Union of Physicists (BPU), Executive Director of SEENET-MTP and president of BPU Prof. Djordjević and his associates, Prof. D. D. Dimitrijević and Dr. M. Milošević, introduced the guests to the work of the Network, the program of doctoral studies of the Network which are realized with CERN (Geneva) and ICTP (Trieste) and the just held the Third Balkan Physical Olympiad.

Dr. Kamanin expressed his wish for OINI Dubna to become a partner in these programs and to host the most successful competitors of the Balkan Physics Union (BPU) Olympiad.

The program, participation and presentation of the JINR Dubna at the forthcoming the 11th Congress of BPU (2022) was also discussed.