BSI2011 in November Issue of CERN Courier

The article “Balkan Summer Institute 2011 convenes by the blue Danube” about Balkan Summer Institute (BSI2011) by G Djordjević and I Antoniades is published in the latest issue (November 2011, Vol. 51 Issue 9) of CERN Courier.

The 2011 Balkan Summer Institute for 2011 (BSI2011) – this year’s core meeting of the South-eastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (SEENET-MTP) – took place on 19 August – 1 September in Donji Milanovac, in the heart of the Djerdap National Park, with an introductory seminar in Niš, Serbia. A total of 178 participants attended the institute from 28 countries.

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