The SEENET-MTP Bestowed two Awards of Merit

Whe are pelased to announce that the SEENET-MTP Network has bestowed two Awards of Merit upon

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang LERCHE (Head of the Theory Department 2014-2015, CERN)
  • Prof. Dr. Sergio BERTOLUCCI (Director of Research and Scientific Computing 2010-2015, CERN)

for their significant contribution in the development of the SEENET-MTP Network, and particularly for their role in the establishing of the joint CERN – SEENET PhD Training Program in 2015.

The Award(s) of Merit were personally presented to Prof. Bertolucci and Prof. Lerche by Prof. Dr. Goran Djordjević (Executive Director of the SEENET-MTP Network and Office) during his previous visit to CERN.

The SEENET-MTP Award of Merit was previously awarded to CERN staff members Prof. Dr. Luis ÁLVAREZ-GAUMÉ and Prof. Dr. Ignatios ANTONIADIS