The second CERN – SEENET-MTP seminar was held in Bucharest

DSCN2869-1024x768The second Seminar in the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD training programModern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory – Bucharest 2015” was held in Bucharest (Romania) from 8th to 14th November 2015.

This event was mainly intended for PhD students who study High Energy Physics and related fields. The topics of the school covered modern aspects of Quantum Field Theory and applications. In total 31 participants from seven countries attended the seminar.

The lecturers were: Hubert Spiesberger (University of Mainz), Nikolaos Tetradis (University of Athens and CERN) and Ciprian Acatrinei (IFIN-HH, Bucharest).

Due to well-founded reasons, Gianpiero Mangano had to cancel his participation.

The list of tutors: Nikolaos Brouzakis (University of Athens), Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica (IFIN-HH, Bucharest), Bogdan Popovici (IFIN-HH, Bucharest) and Roxana Zus (Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest).

A seminar for researchers from Department of Theoretical Physics, IFIN-HH, Bucharest, as well as students who attended the school interested in tachyon fields and inflation was given by Goran Djordjevic (The SEENET-MTP Office, University of Nis).

The seminar was followed by the SEENET-MTP Meeting of the representatives of the Full members nodes and a round table discussion on the current and future seminars and topics.

On the basis of students’ comments and evaluation lists, this seminar can be considered as a very successful one.

The certificates of the school attendance were given to all participants of the school by Stefan Antohe (Dean, Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest) and Goran Djordjevic (SEENET-MTP Office, University of Nis).

Photos from the seminar can be found at the web site of the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training program.