Prof. Dr. Neven Bilic is visiting Belgrade and Niš

Prof. Dr. Neven Bilić (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia) is visiting the Astronomical Observatory Belgrade and the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Niš during this week.

During this research-training visit “HEP – Cosmology and Strings” prof. Bilic will give two talks

“Possible generalization of the Randall-Sundrum model and tachyon model”

on Wednesday, June 29th, 1pm. This lecture will be held at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics.

The second talk

“Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Unification Models”

will take place at the Astronomical Observatory Belgrade on Thursday, June 30th, 1pm.

The program is organized by Astronomical Observatory Belgrade and University of Nis, supported by the SEENET-MTP – ICTP PRJ-09 framework Project SEENET-MTP – ICTP PRJ-09 “Cosmology and Strings”.