The Marseille summer school

We would like to information you about a possibility for the Summer School in Marseille and related program.

Please notice that the deadline for application is January 12.

Dear colleagues,

I will co-organize in 2020, with J. Barrett (Nottingham), R. Loll
(Nijmehen), R. Gurau (Polytechnique), N. Curien (Paris-Saclay) and G.
Miermont (ENS Lyon), a summer school on Theoretical Physics in
Marseille, April 14-18:

summer school which is a part of thematic trimester taking place in
Paris at IHP

We can cover some funding for stays of Masters or PhD students in
Marseille (and eventually in Paris), so if you know any such students
which might be interested (from your home university or from the
SEENET network), pls let me know.

Best regards,
Adrian Tanasa