Prof. Dr. Dumitru Vulcanov visited Niš

Prof. Dr. Dumitru Vulchanov (Dean of the Faculty of Physics of the West University of Timisoara, Romania, president of the SEENET-MTP – RC) visited Faculty of Science and Mathematics and SEENET Office Niš, Serbia, in the period 6 – 10 February 2016.

During this research-exchange prof. Vulcanov had a series of consultations on computational methods in GR and cosmology, forthcoming activities of the SEENET-MTP Network and the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program.

Besides, Prof. Dr. Dimitru Vulcanov and Milan Milosevic (Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Nis) gave a talk:

Computational Methods in Inflationary Cosmology

A planned visit of Sofia was not confirmed and cancelled.