Four researchers are visiting Bucharest

In the frame of the SEENET-MTP – ICTP project NT-03 „Cosmology – Classical and Quantum Challenees“ the Network members: Lilia Anguelova (INRNE Sofia), Eugen Cioroianu (University of Craiova), Marija Dimitrijević Ćirić and Nikola Konjik (University of Belgrade) will be visiting the Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering and the Mathematics Institute of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania from 1st to 7th September.

During the exchange visit, they will give talks at the Bucharest Conference on Geometry and Physics.

Visits of Dragoljub Dimitrijević (University of Niš), Borislav Gajić and Božidar Jovanović (Mathematical Institute Belgrade) have to be postponed.