Prof. Dr. Dragoljub D. Dimitrijevic visited Craiova

Prof. Dr. Dragoljub D. Dimitrijevic (Department of Physics and SEENET-MTP Centre Nis, Serbia) visited Faculty of Sciences University of Craiova (Romania).

During his stay, April 22 – 26, 2024, Prof. Dimitrijevic  gave lectures: “Real Scalar Fields in Curved Spacetime Background”, and “Cosmological Inflation with Two Scalar Fields”, presenting and discussing the current status of reserach in cooperation jointly with a group of researchers from Nis and Zagreb.

He also took part in discussion with colleagues on implementation of the CERN-SEENET-ICTP PhD program and the NT-03 2024/1 ICTP – SEENET-MTP research-exchange project “TECOM-GRASP (ThEoretical and Computational Methods in GRavitation and AstroPhysics”.

The latter one has partially supported this visit and research presented.