Guido Altarelli, Italian theoretical physicist, died at 74

AtarelliGGuido Altarelli was born on July 12, 1941. Guido graduated in Physics from Rome University in 1963. In 1987-2006 Guido was a Senior Staff Physicist at the Theory Division of CERN, and was Theory Division Leader from 2000-04.

Just after Julius Wess, he was among the very first great physicists who supported physicists from former Yugoslavia, contributed in establishing and “start-up” of the Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, and its Scientific Committee.

At CERN he had a leading role in the preparation of LEP and the LHC and in the theoretical analysis of the experimental results.

His best known contribution, obtained with Giorgio Parisi in 1977, is the derivation of the QCD evolution equations for parton densities, known as the Altarelli-Parisi or DGLAP equations.

Guido Altarelli died at age 74 on September 30, 2015.

We will keep memory on him.