August 1st, 2013
• Ana PANCHEVA (Sofia, Bulgaria)
• Nadita PANICI (Moldova Noua, Romania)
• Alberto PAROLINI (Trieste, Italy)
• Herve PARTOUCHE (Palaiseau, France)
• Gabriel PASCU (Timisoara, Romania)
• Alina-Maria PAUNA (Craiova, Romania)
• Vladan PAVLOVIC (Niš, Serbia)
• Tamara PAZARKIC (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Leandros PERIVOLAROPOULOS (Ioannina, Greece)
• Alexander PETROV (Sofia, Bulgaria)
• Miodrag PETROVIć (Niš, Serbia)
• Danijel PIKUTIC (Zagreb, Croatia)
• Davide POLETTO (Venice, Italy)
• Meryem POPARA (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
• Riste POPESKI-DIMOVSKI (Skopje, Macedonia)
• Todor POPOV (Sofia, Bulgaria)
• Luka POPOVIC (Belgrade, Serbia)
• Bogdan Paul POPOVICI (Bucharest - Magurele, Romania)
• Dragan PREKRAT (Belgrade, Serbia)
• Simona PRETORIAN (Timisoara, Romania)
• Alexander PRITZEL (Munich, Germany)
• Igor PRLINA (Belgrade, Serbia)
• Vera PROKIC (Lesak, Serbia)
• Ana PROYKOVA (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Latest News

SEENET-MTP Balkan Workshop BW2018 held in Niš

The SEENET-MTP Balkan Workshop BW2018 – Field Theory and the Early Universe, was held from 10-14 of June 2018, in Niš, Serbia. The Workshop repr

SEENET-MTP Balkan School BS2018 held in Niš

The fifth School in the joint CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program, entitled Balkan School BS2018 – High Energy and Particle Physics: Theory and

SEENET-MTP RC and EC Meetings held in Niš

During the SEENET-MTP BW2018 Workshop, held in Nis, Serbia, 10-14 of June 2018, the SEENET-MTP Representative Committee/Council and the Executive Comm

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Dobrev visited Bucharest

Milan Milošević 21.06.2018
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Dobrev (INRNE, Sofia Network Node, Bulgaria) visited Bucharest Network node, IFIN HH, from Sunday, 13rd May to Friday, 18th May.

e-EPS Reports about the SEENET-MTP and BSW2018

Milan Milošević 20.06.2018
In the latest issue of e-EPS news (June 2018) an article about the 15 Years of the SEENET-MTP, cooperation between the EPS and SEENET-MTP and announc

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Alexei Starobinsky in Niš

It is our great honor and pleasure to inform you that Prof. Alexei Starobinsky, one of the world’s leading experts in cosmology and one of the found