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*Please mention only initiatives of cooperation had in the last five years.

1. Typology of cooperation

Joint research programs

No. of joint research programs


Joint study programs (PhD, master)

No. of joint study programs (PhD, master)


Jointly edited publications (journals, monograph, …)

No. of Jointjy edited publications (journals, monograph, …)


Jointly organised activities (meetings, confer., workshops

No. of jointly organised activities (meetings, confer., workshops



No. of Fellowships


Exchange programs

No. of exchange programs


Visiting professor (incoming / outcoming)

No. of visiting professor (incoming / outcoming)


Other initiatives (please specify)


No. of initiatives


2. Tipology of partnership

No. of National partnership agreements
Established in your own country


No. of South East European (SEE) partnership agreements
Established with countries from the Region


No. International Partnership Agreements
outside South East European Countries


Additional info
As from above, please specify name of the partner, location and programme of cooperation

Polymer Physics, ETH Zurich Nano-crystalline porous anatase TiO2 for environmental applications: Syntesis process and transport characteristics study Polymer Physics, ETH Zurich Modern optics and spectroscopy from research to education Institute “Jozef Stefan” Slovenia Electron induced fragmenatation of organic and small hydrocarbon molecules” Institute “Jozef Stefan” Slovenia Electron induced fragmentation of organic molecules and small hydrocarbons Duisburg Universitat, Germany Fast converging Path Integral Approach to Bose Einstein Condensation CNRS - France Raman spectroscopy of elementary excitations in semimagnetic semiconductor nanoparticles and nanostructures University of Valladolid, Spain Dvelopment of spectroscopic methods for diagnosis of plasmas in extreme conditions: very low and very high density plasmas National Technical University Atina, Greece High Pressure Raman Spectroscopy of Low Dimensional Magnetic Structures LCAM Orsay France Semiconductor Functionalization Processed by Low energy electron radiation of condensed alchohols and amines Institute of Solid State Physics - BAS Optical and photoelectrical characterization of thin films and nanostructured layers based on ZnSe Institute of Physical Chemistry-Romanian academy Ionic conductor with perovskite structure in the Sr, Mg/doped LaGaO3 system for SOFC-intermediate temperature Institut for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Romania Spectroscopic Diagnostics and Applications in Thin Films Deposition and Characterization

Disclaimer: All the data for this database were collected as a part of the UNESCO Venice Office Project “Strengthening Basic and Engineering Sciences Capacities in South Eastern Europe SEE”, i.e. as the subproject “Map of Excellence in Physics and Mathematics in SEE – the SEE MP e-Survey Project” launched in 2010, and continued in 2012/2013 in cooperation with the SEENET-MTP Network Office Nis – Faculty of Science Nis, and the Department of Physics, University of Craiova. Representatives of each institution are able to add, update or delete the data about their institution. The SEENET-MTP Network cannot be held liable for the published information and its accuracy.