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VARIOUS ACTIVITIES Projects: - Projects financed or co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development - TEMPUS projects DAAD project: Multimedia Technology for Mathematics and Computer Science Education Bilateral research project ICT Project COST Action IC0901 The project of joint master studies-ASTROMUNDUS from ERASMUS MUNDUS TOC-search, a joint project of the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty Security at the University of Belgrade Projects exchanges of students, teachers and researchers - Meeting of project team Qlab Faculty of Mathematics and the admission of new members, 3 jun 2010th Details: Project Qlab Faculty of Mathematics aims to develop non-commercial open source software (open source) that would serve as an alternative commercial software package Matlab. The project implemented by Student Faculty of Mathematics team, with leadership and support to teachers Faculty and professionals from Microsoft Serbia. The idea is that through the project Qlab use all potential students Faculty of Mathematics, to students and directions of computer modules, and students' study of mathematics (theoretical, applied mathematics, professor of mathematics and computer science ,...). After the presentations Qlab Project on Scientific Information Symposium 2010th (Http:// and Symposium \ "Mathematics and use \ "( ~ conference /), a lot of students Faculty are interested in the project, with a desire to Qlab join the team and participate in the development of open source software. 1st Development Team - developpment (students study program Informatics modules and Computer Science) 2nd Mathematical calculation - Mathematical Calculation Base (students module Computer Science, Mathematics and Theoretical applications and Applied Mathematics) 3rd Testing-Testing (students from all programs and modules) 4th Help - Help (student module Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science) Additional questions can be placed on - Finale 'Imagine Cup' competition for 2010. Competition 'Imagine Cup' is the largest global student competition in the technology, which is organized since 2003. and the which involved hundreds of thousands of students around the world. Students compete in five categories, of which the design the most prestigious software. For the world's largest student competition software development this year reported 640 students from all over Serbia. ALT team members participated in the finals of 'Imagine Cup' Competition 2010th which was held on Friday, 30 April at 10 hours in Conference Hall of Belgrade University. The team consisted of three student of the Faculty of Mathematics - two members of the team, Alexander Djenić, Ivan Pavlovic, Milos Duric and mentor, student ETF, Nikola Markovic, and student of FON, Bjanka Milicevic. ALT team presented the project \ Network '3 Rs', in the final in a very strong competition has achieved great success by winning the third place. The project will be presented at the symposium "Mathematics and APPLICATION - look back 30 years. Theme of this year's competition, the eighth in a row, led by the vision of the world where technology helps solve the most difficult problems of our time, and the biggest problems of the modern world was defined by the United Nations as Millennium Development Goals. National Finals in the most prestigious category of "Design Software" held locally in more than 60 countries, while the winners in the other categories selected by the Internet. Congratulations to the team ALT team, whose mentor was the last member of the team of the Faculty of Mathematics, Milos Djuric. - Http:// International Year of Astronomy - 2009 At the initiative of the International Astronomical Union, with support from UNESCO and United Nations, 2009. years has been declared the International Year of Astronomy, which celebrates a jubilee - 400 years since the first Galileo Astronomical observations with the telescope. In our country this world event officially marks the large number of activities. More about this find on the website of the Society Serbia astronomers. - International Education Fair, from 12 to 14 March 2009 Faculty will perform this year on the 6th International Fair Education to be held from 12 to 14 March 2009. at Hotel Continental. At the joint stand of the Belgrade University Faculty will be at the fair present through free informational brochures and other printed materials which are basic information about enrollment and study programs at the college and to answer questions visitors will be in charge of our representatives.

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