Year: Section:


National currency:

Total Annual Budget of the Centre in 2009:

~5 000 000

Average percent devoted to Research Activities only:


II 2. Source of funding (for research activities):

National Public - Average (percentage):


National Private - Average (percentage):


International Public - Average (percentage):


International Private - Average (percentage):


II.3. Typology of funding over the last five years

Total Annual Average Amount:

4 200 000

Average percent devoted only to Research Activities:


- Regular budget

Annual Average Amount:

3 800 000

Average percent devoted only to Research Activities


- Extra-budgetary Funding (if any)

Annual Average Amount:

~1 200 000

Average percent devoted only to Research Activities:


Other Comments:

There are two kind of students. Students supported by state (the fellowships too) and students who pay their tuition fees.

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