SEE e-Survey 2.0

see-dbWe are pleased to inform that database consisting of a comprehensive profiles of 40 institutions from 7 SEE countries has been collected during SEE MP-UNESCO e-Survey project.

The database is available now on the webportal of the SEENET-MTP Network.

All the data for this database were collected as a part of the UNESCO Venice Office Project “Strengthening Basic and Engineering Sciences Capacities in South Eastern Europe SEE”, i.e. as the subproject “Map of Excellence in Physics and Mathematics in SEE – the SEE MP e-Survey Project” (Contract AFC 09-50 4500085387) launched in 2010, and continued in 2012/2013 (Contract CFS 13-10 n.: 45000194266) in cooperation with the SEENET-MTP Network Office Nis – Faculty of Science Nis, and the Department of Physics, University of Craiova . It is a pleasure to underline and acknowledge support of the UNESCO Office Venice.

From now on representatives of the institutions are authorized and asked to update these information of their institution.

This activity reamins open for all institutions in Physics and Mathematics in the region.