Prof. Dr. Dumitru Vulcanov visits Niš

Prof. Dr. Dumitru Vulchanov (Dean of the Faculty of Physics of the West University of  Timisoara, Romania) will visit Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Niš, Serbia, in the period 1 – 6 December 2012.

During his research-exchange, besides colloquia, Prof. Vulcanov will have a series of consultations with interested undergraduate, master and PhD studies, as well as with colleagues and teachers from the Department of Physics, about numerical simulations in the theory of general relativity and cosmology. He will also discuss about algebraic computation methods, “Reverse Engineering Methods” and application in obtaining cosmological solutions of Einstein equations.

This exchange program is organized within the ICTP – SEENET-MTP Program “Strings and Cosmology” and also include students form Nis and Timisoara.