Press cliping: prof D. Stojkovic about LHC

Professor Dejan Stojkovic of New York State University (SUNY) at Buffalo told Swisster he and his research team were celebrating over the weekend.

Stojkovic is the co-creator of the Black Max computer simulator, which stimulates the production of black holes in the collider and calculates their properties.

Full text: CERN scientists jubilant over restart of particle collider, Swisster, November 23, 2009

Professor Stephen Hawking says the experiment is vital for humanity while Professor Dejan Stojkovic, an expert on black holes, says there’s no chance the collider will cause the planet to be sucked into oblivion.

Full text: Big Bang test prompted fears of the end of the world, AdelaideNow, September 10, 2008

Prof. Dejan Stojkovic is member of SEENET-MTP network and during his visit to Nis he gave a talk Mini Black Holes in CERN.

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