New FP7 Call for – TRANSPORT


Based on technological and operational advances and on the European transport policy, develop integrated, safer, “greener” and “smarter” pan-European transport systems for the benefit of all citizens and society and climate policy, respecting the environment and natural resources; and securing and further developing the competitiveness attained by the European industries in the global market.

Policy context

European transport research has a role to maintain and increase the efficiency of the different transport modes as well as their interaction and to foster progress. Technological progress, the organisation of transport and understanding the supply and demand factors are key elements in European transport research. The European transport system serves key roles in the transportation of people and goods in a local, regional, national, European and international context. At the same time, it is essential to Europe’s prosperity and closely linked to economic growth and quality of life. However, ways must be found to mitigate the negative impacts and consequences of increased mobility in relation to the environment, energy usage, safety and security and public health. The White Paper on Transport ‘European Transport Policy for 2010: Time to decide’ and its Mid-term review set out clearly those objectives to be addressed at a pan-European level.

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