Lecture by prof. dr Viktor Urumov at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics Nis: “Time-Delay Feedback Control of Nonlinear Oscillators”

Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Nis (Department of Physics, Chair of Theoretical Physics and Center for Theoretical Physics) and Faculty of Physics University of Craiova, Romania, through the SEENET-MTP – UNESCO-BRESCE Project “Training and Mobility Program. Promotion of exellence and growing of the youth’s interest for education in Physics and Mathematics” organize a lecture

“Time-Delay Feedback Control of Nonlinear Oscillators”

Lecturer is prof. dr Viktor Urumov, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Saint Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia. Lectures will be held on Wednesday 30 June, 2010 in the Room 100, at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics Nis at 12.00pm.

Abstract: In the introductory part several examples of nonlinear oscillators will be provided, such as van der Pol, Lorenz and Roessler models, commonly present in the current literature related to studies of simple dynamic systems with complex behavior. Another well known system of phase oscillators analytically solved by Kuramoto undergoes phase transition into synchronized state when the strength of coupling between oscillators exceeds some critical value.

The main part of the lecture will provide information on recently published results on stabilization of unstable fixed points of nonlinear oscillators. The stabilization is successful in wider domain and becomes more robust when the feedback term of Pyragas type contains varying delay. The method is first applied to individual oscillators defined by systems of ordinary differential equations and systems described by time-delay equations, e.g. the equation of Mackey-Glass, and then to systems of coupled nonlinear oscillators introduced to model the behavior of neurons.

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