Dora+ PhD Exchange Program, University of Tartu, Estonia

There is the opportunity for non-Estonian PhD students to visit the University of Tartu for a period of 1 to 10 months to work on a research project and to attend lectures. For example, next year from February to April Dr. Tomi Koivisto will give a lecture on Geometric Foundations of Gravity.

The Republic of Estonia and the European Regional Development Fund offer the Dora Plus Visiting PhD students grants four times a year and the next deadline is on 10 November.

If you know a PhD student who is interested in visiting the University of Tartu and working together with us, the Laboratory for Theoretical Physics of the University of Tartu, please contact us. We set up the application for the Dora Plus grant together. Our research focus lies on the mathematical geometric foundations of theories of gravity and in the derivation of observables to discriminate different theories.

Further details about the Dora Plus program can be found below, and information for visiting students in Tartu here.