The CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Program starts in Belgrade

We are pleased to announce the first PhD seminar in the framework of the CERN-SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program. The topic of the seminar is Supergravity. The seminar will be held at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia from June 21 (arrival day) to June 27 (departure day) 2015. The lectures include:

  • Leonardo Castellani, INFN Torino:
    Supergravity I
  • Hagen Triendl, CERN
    Extended and Gauged Supergravity
  • Voja Radovanovic, University of Belgrade:
    Introduction to Supersymmetry
  • Branislav Cvetkovic, University of Belgrade:
    Poincaré gauge theory

The lectures will be followed by the exercise classes.

The students who are interested in participating should apply no later than the 1st of June by filling the registration form on this webpage.

Local expenses will be covered for the students whose applications are accepted. Travel expenses will be reimbursed for a number of students depending on the available budget.

SEENET-MTP Office kindly ask contact persons of the network nodes to inform the students about the event and to encourage them to apply. We also ask for the e-mail addresses of the students whose contact addresses we do not have yet: contact persons can either send their addresses to us, or they could inform the students to directly contact the Program Committee ().

Besides, SEENET-MTP Office kindly asks students interested in participating in the Program and are not individual members of the SEENET-MTP to apply for the membership by filling the registration form for the Network.

More information about the seminar and the program are available at the official web site.