Physics Conference TIM-13

Timisoara-City-a26944925We are pleased to announce the TIM-13 Physics Conference and SEENET-MTP Workhsop in Timisoara

Physics Conference TIM-13

21-24 November 2013, Timisoara, Romania

The aim of the TIM-13 Physics Conference is to present actual national and international problems and results in physics, to bring together researchers and scientists from Romania, Balkan region and abroad, and to strengthen scientific contacts and networking between them. The TIM-13 will be organized by Faculty of Physics from Timisoara.

The Conference topics are as follow:

  1. Condensed Matter Physics
  2. Theoretical and Computational Physics
  3. Applied Physics and Interdisciplinarity
  4. Education in Physics

A special SEENET-MTP Network workshop on theoretical and mathematical physics is a part of the TIM-13 Conference. The workshop will feature several high profile member speakers. The workhsop will be followed by a meeting of the RC and EC membesr and invited guests.