BSW2011 in Lates Issue of the Europhysics News

March 6th, 2012

The article “Report on the Balkan School and Workshop 2011” is published in the latest issue of the Europhysics News (Vol. 43, Issue 1).

The goal of the BS2011 School was to improve the students’ and young researchers’ knowledge in the scientific fields of the event, i.e. Cosmology, Particle Physics and some aspects of Astrophysics. The BS2011 School gathered six renowned experts as lecturers (Fred Adams (Michigan), Ignatios Antoniadis (CERN), Tao Han (Wisconsin), Neil Lambert (CERN), Viatcheslav Mukhanov (Munich) and Goran Senjanović (ICTP)), two tutors (Miha Nemevšek (ICTP) and Alexander Vikman (CERN)) and 50 students, mostly from Europe. An introduction and a summary were given by Goran Djordjević (Niš). 17 countries were represented and Four EPS grants were distributed.

The lecturers started from an introductory level to gradually approach an advanced research level. All lectures were followed by discussions, while those given by V. Mukhanov and G. Senjanovic benefited from additional tutorials/exercises by M. Nemevsek and A. Vikman.

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