Members of SAC

July 27th, 2017

• Ignatios ANTONIADIS, Coordinator

Institute for Theoretical Physics

Bern, Switzerland

• Loriano BONORA

International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)

Trieste, Italy


Department of Fundamental Physics,
Chalmers University of Technology

Göteborg, Sweden

• Emilian DUDAS

Ecole Polytechnique

Palaiseau, France

• Georgi DVALI

String Theory Group, LMU and MPI

Munich, Germany


Geneva, Switzerland


Physique Théorique Et Mathématique,
Université Libre De Bruxelles

Bruxelles, Belgium


Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Moscow, Russia

• Fernando QUEVEDO

The High Energy, Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics Section, ICTP

Trieste, Italy

• Ioannis RIZOS

Division of Theoretical Physics, Physics Department
University of Ioannina

Ioannina, Greece


Theoretical Physics, CERN

Geneva, Switzerland



Members of SAC (2003-2016).

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