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The SEENET-MTP Bestowed two Awards of Merit

Whe are pelased to announce that the SEENET-MTP Network has bestowed two Awards of Merit upon

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang LERCHE (Head of the Theory Department 2014-2015, CERN)
  • Prof. Dr. Sergio BERTOLUCCI (Director of Research and Scientific Computing 2010-2015, CERN)

for their significant contribution in the development of the SEENET-MTP Network, and particularly for their role in the establishing of the joint CERN – SEENET PhD Training Program in 2015.

The Award(s) of Merit were personally presented to Prof. Bertolucci and Prof. Lerche by Prof. Dr. Goran Djordjević (Executive Director of the SEENET-MTP Network and Office) during his previous visit to CERN.

The SEENET-MTP Award of Merit was previously awarded to CERN staff members Prof. Dr. Luis ÁLVAREZ-GAUMÉ and Prof. Dr. Ignatios ANTONIADIS

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CERN Masterclass 2017 in Nis

Each spring during last 13 years, CERN and the group IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group) organize a one-day program CERN Masterclass. In collaboration with around 200 institutes and universities around the world, high school students have the opportunity to learn about the physics of elementary particles, as well as many other areas of physics, science and technology, and to analyze real data collected in experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. This year more than 13.000 high school students in 52 countries took part in this program.

In Serbia, the international program “Masterclasses – Hands on Particle Physics” was organized for the eight time and for the second time at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science in Nis. Local organizers, in addition to the Department of Physics, were the SEENET-MTP Office and Physical Society Niš. The program was held on Friday, March 17 in the Conference Hall and the Computer Centre of the Faculty. Earlier this month the program was organized in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac.

The CERN Masterclass in Nis was attended by 37 pupils from secondary schools from Nis, Vranje and Trstenik. All participants received certificates prepared by the organizing team in cooperation with associates. All students attended the section in the Computer center where they had opportunity to analyze the real data from the CERN experiment. After a successful recognizing of events the individual results of all pairs were combined and sent to CERN. The results were presented during a video conference, moderated by representatives from CERN, where, beside Nis, students from Braga, (Portugal), Opava (Czech Republic) and Pisa (Italy) took part.

The lecturers were researchers from Serbia who arrived for the occasion from CERN: Dr. Predrag Milenović, coordinator of CERN Masterclass for Serbia, Dr. Jelena Jovicevic and Dr. Marina Krstic Marinkovic. Besides, the lecturers from Department of physics were Dr. Dragoljub Dimitrijevic and Milan Milosevic. Collaborators in realization of the program were Jelena Aleksic, Danilo Delibasic and Marko Stojanovic.

In addition, virtual visit to CERN and CMS detector was organized for students. The hosts for the visit were Dr. Dragoslav Lazic amd Nebojsa Smiljkovic (members of the CMS collaboration) and Prof. Dr. Goran Djordjevic (Chair Theoretical Physics, Niš and visiting scientist at CERN-TH).

More information, in Serbian, about the second CERN Masterclass in Nis are available at the website of the Department of Physics.

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CERN and SEENET-MTP Network have signed The Cooperation Agreement

It is our pleasure to announce that The Framework Agreement for Scientific and Technical Collaboration between CERN and SEENET-MTP Network has reached its conclusion and was officially signed on 6th March 2017.

The Agreement was signed by Professor Gian Giudice, Head of Theoretical Physics Department, on behalf of CERN, and Professor Goran Đorđević, Executive Director of the Network and its Office at Nis, on behalf of the Network.

CERN and SEENET-MTP agreed to collaborate in domains of mutual interest, including in particular in training, capacity building and research in Theoretical High Energy Physics, Particle Physics, Computational Physics and Cosmology.

The Agreement represents a continuation and formalization of the long term cooperation in a new, official form. The Framework Agreement and the accompanying documents should specify and provide a sustainable cooperation materialized in the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program, launched in April 2015. Until now about 90 PhD students from 8 countries have already informally enrolled in the program.

The Program was envisioned as a series of intense, self-connected, one-week seminars intended for PhD and advanced MSc students. Each seminar consists of lectures given by professors-experts in the field, from CERN, European institutions and from SEENET-MTP countries. Appropriate exercises given by younger researchers complete the usual program of the topical seminars.

A total of three seminars were held so far, titled “Supergravity – Belgrade, 2015”, “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory – Bucharest, 2015” and “Computational Methods in Cosmology and General Relativity – Timisoara, 2016”. The previous seminars were held with a great success, with a total of 60 students from 8 countries taking part in them.

The Framework Agreement will enable a continuation of the PhD Training Program in 2017 and 2018, as well as a base for the next three-year cycle of the Training Program. The financial details of the Agreement and the Program are to be specified in the annexes to the Agreement.

The main partners in the Program will be full SEENET-MTP member nodes, other nodes and partner institutions, as well as individual members. Institutions and individuals from 11 SEENET-MTP countries and worldwide are also invited to join the Program.

A number of institutions and organizations across Europe are also invited to join and participate in the Agreement and the Program.

The SEENET-MTP Office welcomes students interested in participating in the Program who are not individual members of the SEENET-MTP yet to join us by filling the registration form for the Network and/or to express their wish to enroll in the Program by sending an e-mail to .

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Project “Cosmology and Strings”

February 15th, 2017 No comments

The SEENET-MTP – ICTP research – mobility project “Cosmology and Strings” was successfully completed by January 2017.

We would like to thank to all researchers and students who contributed to the project. We are especially indebted to the researchers who provided full info about the scientific publications supported by the project.

A special thankfulness to OEA-ICTP for continuous long-term partnership and support.

Continuation of the program is expected to take place in March 2017.

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Season’s greeting

December 23rd, 2016 No comments

Dear Members of the SEENET-MTP Network,

We wish you the joy and happiness throughout the forthcoming year.

Season’s greetings from

Dumitru Vulcanov, Goran Gordjevic
and the entire crew at SEENET-MTP Office Nis

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New SEENET-MTP Network Node

December 3rd, 2016 No comments

phy-sofiaWe are pleased to announce that Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia (Bulgaria) became the full member of the SEENET-MTP Network. This is 22nd institution which became a member of the Network.

The application of Faculty of Physics was unanimously accepted on November 20th, 2016. The contact person and the new member of the SEENET-MTP Committee is Prof. Hristo Dimov.

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3rd CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program – Application Extended

December 3rd, 2016 No comments

The third seminar in the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD training Program will be held in Timisoara, Romania, from December 11th (arrival) to December 17th (departure) 2016.

This Timisoara – 2016 event, titled Computational methods in Cosmology and General Relativity, is mainly intended for PhD students who study High Energy Physics and related fields. The topics of the school cover modern aspects in General Relativity in Cosmology, including numerical and analytical methods.

The deadline for applications for the school was November 30th, 2016, however a late application can be submitted till Monday, 5th of December, afternoon.

The list of lecturers is available at the site of the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Program.

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Mini workshop 2016 – Photos and presentation

November 13th, 2016 No comments

The Mini workshop “Cosmology and Strings 2016” was held at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics (Nis, Serbia) from November 2rd to November 5th, 2016.

The last day of the workshop was dedicated to the activities of the SEENET-MTP Network. The program started with the presentation of the Faculty of Physics (University of Sofia, Bulgaria), which applied to become a full member of the Network, given by Hristo Dimov. This presentation was followed by round table and discussion.

Below you can see some photos, the presentation and the video from the last day of the program.

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The third Seminar in the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program

November 6th, 2016 No comments

The third seminar in the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD training Program will be held in Timisoara, Romania. from December 11th (arrival) to December 17th (departure) 2016. The program was launched in 2015 with a generous support of CERN.

This Timisoara – 2016 event, titled Computational methods in Cosmology and General Relativity, is mainly intended for PhD students who study High Energy Physics and related fields. The topics of the school cover modern aspects in General Relativity in Cosmology, including numerical and analytical methods.

More information about the Seminar in Timisoara can be found here or in The first announcement (PDF). About origin of the Program see here, and about the two previous Schools see here (Belgrade and Bucharest).

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Mini workshop “Cosmology and Strings 2016”

November 1st, 2016 No comments

The mini workshop “Cosmology and strings 2016” will be held at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis, Serbia. The meeting will start on Wednesday, November 2nd 2016 and it will be closed on Saturday, November 5th 2016.

The workshop will be organized by the SEENET-MTP Office Nis.

Download program (PDF).

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