Introductory School on Cosmology (ISC2008)

Nis, Serbia, August 26 - 31, 2008

General information

The Introductory “weekend” school is intended to contribute to the interdisciplinary graduate and PhD training, first of all in Cosmology and Strings. One of the aims of the school is to prepare participants for more advanced courses in the SEENET-MTP framework program 2008-2010.

School is open for all students and young researchers. There is no conference fee. It is expected the participants to be mainly from Serbia and South-East Europe. The organizers will try to provide some local support on request.


Faculty of Science, University of Nis (

SEENET-MTP Network (


Goran Djordjevic
Department of Physics, University of Nis
Visegradska 33
P.O. Box 224
18001 Nis, Serbia
Phone +381 18 274660
Fax +381 18 274660