New methods in string theory and quantization
Nis, Serbia, March 22-26, 2007


General Information:


The purpose of the Workshop is to foster and improve the communication among the researchers in the Balkan region and also between them and their colleagues in Europe.

The principal idea is to create an opportunity for the researchers working in the area of string theory, quantum theory and cosmology at different institutions in the Balkan Balkan countries to showcase their work and present their results. This will help continuation of a supportive environment with closer collaborative ties and to strengthen the existing regional and interregional collaboration (e.g. SEENET-MTP and their working groups). The participants will discuss overlap in their field of interests and possibilty for further joint research, exchange programe and mobilty that would include students and younger researchers.


    - String theory and phenomenology
    - Quantuzation in String Theory
    - Strings and cosmology
    - Tachyons


    Faculty of Science, University of Nis (


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    Goran Djordjevic
    Department of Physics
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    18000 Nis
    Tel: +381 18 533 015 / 47
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