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*Please mention only initiatives of cooperation had in the last five years.

1. Typology of cooperation

Joint research programs

No. of joint research programs


Joint study programs (PhD, master)

No. of joint study programs (PhD, master)


Jointly edited publications (journals, monograph, …)

No. of Jointjy edited publications (journals, monograph, …)


Jointly organised activities (meetings, confer., workshops

No. of jointly organised activities (meetings, confer., workshops



No. of Fellowships


Exchange programs

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Visiting professor (incoming / outcoming)

No. of visiting professor (incoming / outcoming)


Other initiatives (please specify)


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2. Tipology of partnership

No. of National partnership agreements
Established in your own country


No. of South East European (SEE) partnership agreements
Established with countries from the Region


No. International Partnership Agreements
outside South East European Countries


Additional info
As from above, please specify name of the partner, location and programme of cooperation

Joint research programs: 1. Bilateral projects in the cooperation framework between the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (3 projects in 2006-2007, 6 projects in 2008-2009). 2. Bilateral projects in the cooperation framework the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (3 projects in 2009). Jointly edited monographs: 1. D.Lozovanu, M.Fonoberova. Optimal Flows in Dynamic Networks. Moldova State University. CECMI Textbook & Monograph Series, Vol.1. Chisinau 2006, 133 p. 2. S.Cojocaru, G.Pfister, V.Ufnarovski (eds.). Computational Commutative and Non-Commutative Algebraic Geometry. NATO Sciene Series. Series III: Computer and Systems Sciences – Vol.196, IOS Press, 2005, 325 p. 3. J.Backelin, S.Cojocaru, V.Ufnarovski. Mathematical computations using Bergman. Lund University, Sweden, 2005. – ISBN 91-631-7203-8, 206 p. Jointly organised conferences: 1. The 6-th International Conference on Microelectronics and Computer Science "ICMCS - 2009", October 1-3, 2009, Chisinau, Moldova. 2. Regional development forum "NGN and Broadband, Opportunities and Challenges", August 24-26, 2009, Chisinau, Moldova. 3. International Conference "Information and Communication Technologies ICT+ 2009", May 18-21, 2009, Chisinau, Moldova. 4. The 8-th International Conference "Informational Technologies" BIT+ 2008, April 15-16, 2008, Chisinau, Moldova. 5. International Conference on Microelectronics and Computer Science "ICMCS - 2007", September 19-21, 2007, Chisinau, Moldova. 6. International Conference "Algebraic Systems and their Applications in Differential Equations and other Domains of Mathematics", August 21-23, 2007, Chişinău, Moldova. 7. The 7-th International Conference "Informational Technologies" BIT+ 2007, April 24-26, 2007, Chisinau, Moldova. 8. The XIV Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics (CAIM XIV), August 17-19, 2006, Chisinau, Moldova. 9. The extended meeting of the profile seminar "Algebra and Mathematical Logic", dedicated to 80th anniversary of birth of illustrious mathematician-logician A. Kuznetsov. 10. The 6-th International Conference "Informational Technologies" BIT+ 2006 (April 11-13, 2007, Chisinau, Moldova) . 11. The 5-th International Conference "Informational Technologies" BIT+ 2005 (31 May - 2 June, 2005, Chisinau, Moldova). Visiting professor (incoming / outcoming): 1. dr. habil. Iu. Rogojin (University of Rovira and Virgili, Tarragona, Spane) 2. dr. S.Verlan (The University of Paris 12, France) Partnership agreements established with research institutions from the Region (Ukraine + Romania): 1. S. P. Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics of the National Academy Sciences of Ukraine 2. Institute of Solid Mechanics of the Romanian Academy 3. Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Romanian Academy of Sciences 4. The Institute of Computer Science Iasi, Subsidiary of Romanian Academy 5. Agora University, Oradea, Romania International Partnership Agreements with research institutions outside South East European Countries (Belarus, Russia): 1. Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Belorusian State University 2. Orel State Technical University, Russia 3. Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences 4. Institute of Control Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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